Logitech K400 Plus did not come with a USB dongle? Wait!! It’s hidden in the box!!

If you’re like me you just bought the Logitech K400 Plus or K360 for your smart TV and you’ve gone through everything and there is no USB dongle. You’re just about to return it to the store.  You checked inside the battery compartment, and the dongle is not in there in that slot where it is meant to be stored.  Well I’ve got good news for you. They have hidden it in the box where you would not expect!!

Open the box, on the lip of the box facing you there is a white tag of paper.  Lift it up and look under it, your dongle will likely be right there!  Photos below for reference.

Open the box…

Nothing in battery compartment or in the storage slot for the USB dongle, I would have expected it to be in that slot in the battery compartment cover…

Finally I found the dongle, uncurl the white paper as shown below!

Logitech, next time try not to overthink things, please put the dongle somewhere obvious… like, tape it to the bottom of the keyboard in a small pouch or something.

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  1. Two millimeters from returning the keyboard because of the missing receiver. I’m pretty sure older boxes did have the receiver in the battery compartment.

  2. A simple post and look how many people you have helped. It’s been a stressful day you have made it a little less so. Cheers

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