I started this site because of a few reasons – I enjoy solving problems myself in order to fix things or save money and I like to share those ideas.  Also, frequently friends of mine ask me questions like how did I ship my motorcycle to Europe, or what was my packing list for my trips overseas on a motorcycle?  This site serves as an “FAQ” for these questions and I can direct friends to this site. Also I may come upon a nifty tidbit of information that is not my creation and may spark curiosity.  When people click on ads they are intersted in on this blog it helps monetize the effort.

I hope you find the site useful!


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  1. Hey man im looking to buy a bike un spain as im from there and do a trip then take it with me to Canadá, not sure how exactly do it as you talk about BC borders and I think the border would be the Ontario one I think,also is it much more trouble to bring a bike that is not 15 years old or it’s just one more tax?any help would be appreciated


  2. I just read your hot water heater plastic valve replacement article from 2012.
    I want to replace my plastic valve -it doesn’t want ot move.
    I don’t understand the purpose of the metal rod.


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