Easter island heads have bodies!??

Excavations of the bodies have been going on for many years, you can find out more from the Easter Island Statue Project.  It’s generally accepted that the statues were made sometime between 1250 and 1500 AD. There is controversy surrounding why the bodies are buried. Was it time and erosion, or were they buried on purpose?  Aliens?   The soil surrounding the bodies for so long has preserved interesting carvings (petroglyphs, or rock markings)..

This one below has a sailing ship carved onto it…


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  1. Shock. All the statues have bodies, as clearly attested by the ones on stone platforms and the ones that have been carved halfway out of the mountain. The ones on grass sink. Surprise? Not really.

    1. Good point! The wettest area of Mexico (which is the Gulf side of the southern tip — most tropical) gets around 2000 mm of rain annually.

      Easter Island gets about 1100 mm a year.

      So, yeah, it’s pretty wet, and with stones that heavy on soft, wet ground, it’s easy to imagine them sinking over hundreds of years…

      1. But then, the buried parts should show gradual signs of weathering as it sank, and I’m not sure the photos show that.

        Requires some in-person studying to suss out that idea, one way or another… :-D

  2. What I find interesting (aside from the fact that people always turn any interesting article into another boring, pointless “The Bible versus Science” debate) is that the ship carved on the statue’s back looks like a European galley from the Age of Exploration. I’m not sure what the impact of that observation is yet, but still very interesting.

  3. Josh – Great points. I once heard a priest say, “Science tells us the `how.’ Religion tells us the `why.'” Too bad more people can’t marry those two ideas.

  4. I also believe in science but what you people are overlooking is that God created the Heavens and the earth and man and women and science what is it you don’t understand

    1. I don’t understand where you sentences begin/end and your lists are confusing. Perhaps punctuate?

    2. Now, if you’re trying to say that God created “science”, as well as the “heavens”, “earth”, “man”, and “women”, then I have to ask when?

      Because all of those things were specifically mentioned in Genesis, and they were present throughout the recorded history.

      But as others have said, science came after the Bible (or at least, it was contemporary).

      Did God create it later than during the 6 days of creation? Because everything I’ve learned about Bible mythology is that He created, He rested, He created no more. He did destroy a bit after that, several times.

      So I think I guess what you’re on about — that all these “natural” laws and theories that science has discovered over the millennia are really just discoveries of what God made, that He made these processes and when he was ready, Man would learn of them.

      A few problems. One, His creation was described in the Bible as a flat world. Science has revealed that the Earth is a sphere. The Bible is the infallible Word of God. So if He created the Bible and science, why does one lie?

      Second, science has revealed that evolution changes all living things, INCLUDING speciation (micro/macro evolution nuts notwithstanding), such that Man descended from a proto-ape millions of years ago. The Bible establishes that Man was created from clay about 6,000 to 8,000 years ago — some “young Earthers” might even go as far as 11,000 years ago.

      Again, if He made both, why does one lie?

      And there are other examples, but two, especially these two, are sufficient. (Actually, in science, even ONE verifiable contradiction to a theory is enough to discredit it….)

  5. I am confused by all this talk of the Bible versus Science. Maybe I have missed something in this conversation. Why is this an issue regarding Easter Island and what we know of it so far?

    1. Unfortunately originally somebody made a comment that the “great flood” may have buried the bodies of the statues, when the statues are only about 400-800 years old, and you know how the internet goes when somebody mentions on a public forum something about the bible… shit hits the fan.

  6. OK, when I was reading the article, I was thinking “COOL! Prehistoric time capsules!”

    Then I started reading the comments and thought “Where the frack am I?” And then I had to check to make sure my browser hadn’t switched pages on me. :(

    I’m currently waiting to see if someone brings up socialism.

  7. this is very interesting to read even though the topics change, all are worth research. this one i have been hearing lately, from an explosion of a supernova all elements are created, hydrogen and helium into carbon and so on. so if all elements come from the heat and fusion that is how they are explaining the creation of objects, hence the big bang was an explosion or several not a singularity.

    1. If you’re referring to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, then no, he doesn’t speak of the “star stuff” coming from multiple explosions at the Big Bang.

      What he says is that we are actually living through the second generation of stars. The first stars created after the Big Bang were all super giants and at the end of their lives they blew up, spraying their heavy elements all over the universe and creating shockwaves that gave neighboring nebula the kick-start to begin the formation of new stars and planets. It’s the circle of life, but on a galactic scale!

      But the singularity of the Big Bang was still one incredibly enormous point mass and one incredibly enormous explosion.

      Many, perhaps most (or even all?), of the second generation of stars are smaller than the first. Our Sun for example is too small to ignite a nova when it “dies”. It will just fade out into a white dwarf.

  8. the statues are quite clearly dormant robots left by aliens to awake and destroy us at the end of the Mayan calendar as part of some galactic big brother prank show… alien show host “time is running out for the little monkey people, will they guess what the statues are before its too late?”

  9. let’s forget about the Bible BS. the bible is group of books made into one book, and that religion is an influence from many doctrines at that time.

    If you want a history lesson then you can read the old testament since that does refer to Sumeria. If you want to know about creating man then you may read the tablets for Sumeria.

    I wonder if These Statues have something to do with Sumeria and there God’s Enki, Enlil, ect.

      1. I am baseball and Minnukka does not own me and any biting I may have done was just to assert my autonomy.

  10. Has anyone checked to see if these heads on Easter Island, are in alignment with other structures such as Stonehenge and other similar ancient sites, which although dotted all around the world are found to be in perfect alignment with ley lines.

    (Scientists discovered this fact, with satellite data and computers ).

    1. ACTUAL scientists have shown that the so-called “ley lines” that people draw between historical sites are no greater than if you drew a random line; there are so many historical sites of interest, especially in places like Britain, you’d clip several of them just via random chance.

      The world is an interesting enough place without trying to inject something from a fantasy novel into it.

      1. ACTUAL researchers would know that so called “ley lines” are not arbitrarily drawn between sites, they are based on astronomical objects and the shape of the gravitational field of earth…

        our reality is too fantastic to found your understanding of it on mainstream “scientific” data, which has been censored for at least hundreds of years.

      2. really, come on. your researchers are legitimate, but someone else’s are not? are your researchers still spouting off about Mayan calendars end of the world hocus-pocus? this is your subjective opinion, based on nonsense and assumption. there is no scientific basis for “ley lines” even the theory set out by Watkins was based on his assumption that “dodmen” or ley line creators used the lines as straight paths between places in old Britain, not lining up celestial objects which has been conjured up by individuals claiming to be experts, but in fact are not. People have even found “ley lines” between telephone booths for gods sake. Just stop.

    2. “Perfect” alignment of course means “looks close-ish or intersects some part of a large site”.

      And as Someguy said, it’s hard to MISS an “ancient site” in England – and per pareidolia the human mind is excellent at finding patterns that don’t exist.

      See eg here for examples, and here for some deeper statistical analysis of how they crop up with purely random data.

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