Easter island heads have bodies!??

Excavations of the bodies have been going on for many years, you can find out more from the Easter Island Statue Project.  It’s generally accepted that the statues were made sometime between 1250 and 1500 AD. There is controversy surrounding why the bodies are buried. Was it time and erosion, or were they buried on purpose?  Aliens?   The soil surrounding the bodies for so long has preserved interesting carvings (petroglyphs, or rock markings)..

This one below has a sailing ship carved onto it…


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  1. There was a really good Nova on PBS called “The search for Noah’s Flood.” See if you can find a copy. There was a flood, it was after the last Ice Age. But it did not cover the whole world, It just flooded what was Noah’s whole world which was a pretty small territory, east of the Bosporus, on the Black Sea, if I recall correctly. A natural dam gave way and filled up that valley. An fascinating piece of forensic archaeology done by the guy who discovered and explored the Titanic, Dr. James Ballard.

  2. Why does science and belief in a supreme being have to be at odds? The problem is simply with those who believe the Bible fell directly from heaven into their laps. Here is what I believe:
    MY God, my Deity, created the Universe, including this small ball of water and mud we inhabit.

    Did He do it by orchestrating the ‘Big Bang’; which is the current theory? I don’t know. I don’t care.

    He IS immortal, which to me means he is older than the Universe, regardless of the number of zeroes tacked on to its age.

    And, if My God created the Universe, then he also created the Laws of Nature. They are HIS creation and HIS way of manipulating HIS Universe to get HIS results.

    So when he does something, he PROBABLY does it by His natural law. Just keep in mind that we mere mortals have probably discovered only a tiny portion of that law.

    All of that great, beautiful, star filled, galaxy containing expanding space out there is HIS. And I personally believe that surrounding many of those uncountable stars in his Universe are planets; many of which are capable of supporting and sustaining life!

    His children are NOT limited to this small world!
    His creation is not limited to this small Solar System,or even this Galaxy. It is EVERYWHERE!

    Is that concept to large for you, Mr. Fundamentalist?
    Is it too bold,
    too far reaching,
    too breathtaking,
    too UNCOMFORTABLE for you too consider?

    Is that why you INSIST on restricting my God to a history of only some 4,000 years, AND His wonders to this small world; His Power and Authority to what is comfortable to your SMALL mind?

    TOO BAD! I reject your limitations.
    They do NOT apply to the Deity I believe in and worship

    1. Very well said, Neil — and I think yours is now the second truly humble, Christian response I’ve seen here.

      And you’re right — science and religion can peacefully coexist if, and it’s a big “if”, the believer can reject arrogant faith and accept humble doubt.

      But it is hard for Mr. Fundamentalist, as you say, to consider that he might not actually know the “truth”. That his ancestors from 5000 years ago were just men themselves, and could have misunderstood their god’s messages and teachings.

      However, I think you nailed it best in calling out their arrogance when you noted well that they are the ones limiting an “all-powerful” god to this small speck of dust in the universe by rejecting what science has taught us about the multitude of other stars and planets throughout the vastness of space.

      Why would God reveal everything to a handful of goat herders thousands of years ago, and then give no “truths” to modern people? Perhaps He told them what the could understand with their limited ability for science back then, but today He revels new truths to the scientists? Could a goat herder from 2000 BC understand a whole separate civilization of beings on a planet light years away — one not even visible in the sky? No? Then why even bother telling them.

      But we could be close to the time when we learn this on our own through science and technology. Or did we learn it on our own?

      That’s the awesomeness of humble doubt. I am an atheist, but I will leave open the (slim) possibility of a “supernatural” being yet to be discovered who played (or still plays) a role in human affairs.

      It’s like the “black swan”. Because no one had ever seen a black swan, they were presumed to not exist. Until one was seen. You can’t prove a negative (as someone else said here), so I can’t prove that God doesn’t exist. But not being able to prove a negative doesn’t mean I have to believe the positive. Study logic — this would be a critical breakdown in logic.

      I also can’t prove that monkey’s won’t fly out of my butt tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean I will spend today preparing the monkey cages…

  3. there is no arguing with religiously infected beings, they are below the line of critical thinking, because most of them can’t see past their childhood indoctrination.

  4. BLeep bloop. C’mon folks, let’s be civil.

    Fact: The story of Noah is fiction.
    Another fact: humans have known how to move big stones using leverage and manpower for a very very long time..i.e. pyramids, stonehenge, etc.
    And: Isn’t it likely some sort of either volcanic eruption, earthquake, tidal wave, or asteroid or other impact could have covered these statues’ bodies?

  5. I can’t believe there are people who didn’t know about the Easter Islands or these statues!!! Doesn’t anyone study world history in school anymore. I am in my 50’s – learned about this before the 6th grade!!! Of course I was in the British school system.

  6. Thank you Matthew. I teach Religious Studies and we talk about how the pre-Abraham stories are mythic parables about how the world was created and how the relationship between G-d and humanity was formed. It was never intended to be see as “gospel truth” – this is a conservative Christian phenomenon. There are similar creation – development myths in the surrounding mid-eastern areas. They are a part of the pre-hebraic traditions.

  7. Returning to the original topic here… IMHO the real point here is that something new has been discovered about the experience and capabilities of the inhabitants of this planet. That in itself is worthy of contemplation. As for the role of Western Religion and it’s veracity or non-veracity, consider the comment of one of the most globally accepted thinkers of all human history, Albert Einstein – “God does not play dice with the Universe.” (Whatever you call a creator, “god-particle”, known to the Western orders as “God”.)

  8. Maybe…they buried their “Gods” because they no longer needed them! Or, as punishment! Weren’t people often buried up to their necks as a punishment for crimes committed?

    Anyways, if you actually “read” Darwin, you’ll come away with a different perspective on his “Origin of Species” and his belief in God and religion.

    Science and religion are NOT mutually exclusive. Read Gerald L. Schroeder’s “The Science of God.”

    Some of the comments on both sides of the “Evolution-vs-Creation” arguments made on this blog are so far from the truth that there’s no wonder people are so confused nowadays. Read before you spout out garbage as fact. Or, has the sound of your own opinion prevented you from listening with an open mind? Taking a blind eye to the holes in your own argument, just because you want to prove yourself right and the rest of the world wrong, is more about your own ego than truth or fact.

  9. On one hand, the Bible does contain some historical facts and events. However, some things in it were twisted to benefit certain people who chose to use the Bible as a way to exploit the general population. Basically, many of the stories should be viewed figuratively and not literally. It says the Earth and it’s inhabitants were created in 7 days. Well, maybe God’s day is millions of years longer than one of our days. Who’s to say that evolution isn’t just a more literal version of creationism?
    BTW, how did this turn from a convo about bodies that no one knew were there into a discussion about religion? SMH

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