Easter island heads have bodies!??

Excavations of the bodies have been going on for many years, you can find out more from the Easter Island Statue Project.  It’s generally accepted that the statues were made sometime between 1250 and 1500 AD. There is controversy surrounding why the bodies are buried. Was it time and erosion, or were they buried on purpose?  Aliens?   The soil surrounding the bodies for so long has preserved interesting carvings (petroglyphs, or rock markings)..

This one below has a sailing ship carved onto it…


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  1. plz leave the in the previosly mode beause they have important message for us . They want to say don’t be proved agaist the one God ,don’t follow the cruel powerful governments and dont kill poor people of the world becouse we were strong and cruel but now we are under the hell and no one of us are alive now !!!!

  2. So, let’s go back 600 plus years ago, you’re superticious you’re trying to make sense of life, the meaning of your existence, and all that jazz. But of course your human and it’s time do go to a neighboring island and kick some butt and do a little of that pillage thing. You may not be totally into it but somebody has come to your village and pillaged you and your family so you want to get some retribution or just get some free stuff. You set sail on your boats and out of the mist you see this island, it looks promising, it’s inhabitants may have attacked you or maybe not, but it really doesn’t matter, you got attitude and you’re adrenalin is pumping – but wait, what are those hummungously creepy looking head things on the hillside “hey skipper, what do you say we pass on this island and go onto the next?” you nervously say. The skipper replies “who wants to go home and drink some fermented bamboo root?” The crew unanimously responds “let’s go home and parrtay. OOO RAH!”
    The islanders inhabitants that watch the appraoching boat turn around say, “Those giant rock heads really work. Thier long massive bodies kept them standing in the last storm and gave them extra spiritual strength and power. Our rock inscriptions/petroglyghs added to their mysitcal strength and mana. Those things really work, high fives all around”.
    That’s my laymens take on it.
    Peter G.

    1. Only problem is that the place is the most remote inhabited island in the world. They’d have most likely been desperate for visitors.

      1. Yes, but “evil spirits” can visit too. And distance doesn’t matter to them.

      2. Unlike Gilligan, Thurston Howell, Ginger, and the others who had visitors every week

    2. Or , it was the freaking tourist attraction of its time… hey come visit us — we’ve used every tree on the Island and need food.

    3. they’re giant stone sex dolls. That’s where we get the saying “I’m hard as a rock”

  3. maybe or future andcesters a thousand years in the future found time travel and came back and did it just to confuse the heck out of us or dont rule out the aliens after all… how much wood etc. would it take to build them and pick them up and sit them in a hole. and if bruied by a land slide… why didnt the land slide knock them over or tip them sideways if the the ground was water soaked like the leaning tower of pizza.

    1. Sedimentation over thousands of years would bury the rock carvings. I’m talking like 12 to 15 thousand years though, roughly around the same age as the sphinx in Egypt.

      1. The sphinx is less than half that old. Most resonable scholors have it at 4.5k years old. The Easter island Moai are at most 1,000 years old. These impressive old carvings would have worn away to nubbins with as much rainfall and wind as Easter Island gets. If you are going to have no idea what you are talking about, you might at least keep it to yourself and not trot out your ignorance as fact.

        1. Out here in the Pacific Northwest, we have basalt petroglyphs that are as old, if not older than the Easter Island statues. Many of these are on the coast, exposed to constant rain and wind. And guess what – they’re still there. What was that about worn away to nubbins?

    2. the leaning tower of Piza is actually not leaning. the ground around it is sloped giving it the illusion that the tower is leaning.

      1. Wrong. Dead flat wrong. I’ve climbed up the tower stairs inside it. They spiral up. Now try to imagine what it takes to make you feel like, at times, you’re falling up the stairs… or climbing down the stairs. The sucker tilts–and the Italian government spent a boatload of money to stabilize it, so that it won’t in time fall over. The foundation was insufficient and the ground softer on one side than the other. It started tilting while it was being built and the builders actually tried to correct the tilt as they built the next level(s), so it’s not even truly straight.

  4. As individualized as they are, there are many reasons they could have existed, up to and including as a memorial to those who led their people or heroes from stories of the day. Fascinating! :)

  5. considering the sharpness of their thinking the archaeologists why not anyone of them came to the idea earlier that not the heads are the end of these statues, would it not have been interesting how and on what they are standing, now in 2011 by what incident the idea came so late,

    1. They knew but the stones don’t match written history. Keep this in mind, we cannot build the Pyramids in Egypt today. We do not have the power(Equipment) to move those stones in our time. I don’t know for sure but i speculate that the Pyramids in Egypt were not built the way the History teaches us either…

      1. Sure they were. There’s nothing “amazing” about them. There’s a great forum thread on the subject at randi.org. Just add skepticism.

        1. I agree with you AronPaul – just try and find out how long people have been using electricity for. I’m not saying the pyramids were built using some form of electricity – but the history books and google/wikipedia and all the available information for research for the layman shows electricity/ the electric wire is only a few centuries old at best… then there’s the “Baghdad Battery” that may be as old or older than 250BC *shrugs* – there could be a conspiracy here keeping us in the dark.

          1. Yes it’s a conspiracy. A co spiracy of Alexander the Great, Ceasers, Popes, and plague carrying rats.

            Humanity is a forgetful race. For example when Rome fell the knowledge of concrete was forgotten. Concrete!

            1. Just think of the “coral castle” in Florida. How was that human able to accomplish that?

      2. Having had a class in college that was a prerequisite for the building segment in Civil Engineering that taught us how to move heavy things, you’re full of it.

        Not only could we build them today, if there were enough money available, we could do it faster and more precisely.

        We could even do it the same way that they did.
        The final exam for that class was pass or fail. I and my lab partner had to move a cement block that was one meter wide, 3 meters long & 2 meters tall from one side of the work yard to the other using nothing other than levers, stones, simple rollers, & mud. We had 2 hours to do it. We passed the exam with 25 minutes to spare. And mind you that was only two people working on it.

        If you look at Egyptian History you will figure out that the Pyramids were nothing but the original W.P.A. projects. And if you don’t know what W.P.A. projects are, you should learn U.S. history.

        Your ignorance is showing.

        1. Its showing but my phallus is bigger and everyone is busy looking at that- so MEH!

        2. Ok…so we can move two ton blocks and so could they. Try the Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek for your next exam. The foundation stones are known as the “Trilithon” and are around 1200 tons each. Why would they use these? They could have broken them into four seperate parts and achieved the same longevity and stability. Next exam, quarry 100 ton stones on one Bolivian mountain side and transport them to the other mountain’s peak…without advanced math, the wheel, the pulley, or writing…and do it 1000 years ago (if estimates are correct). Simple answer is that we cannot accomplish this today without heavy equipment and great expense. We are supposed to believe they only had copper chisels, stone balls, and no trees to boot. It cannot be done.

  6. I’ll bet they are all standing on top of a giant flying saucer that’s also buried.

  7. I knew it. I always felt that they were attached to something underground. I also thinks there are other things under ground around them ready to be found. If they are that big and down that deep it could be cities down there as well. hummmmmm!!!

  8. not sure if there is a link between Easter Island and civilizations like the Mayans or Aztecs… But, the Mayans sort of vanished just randomly and I’ve heard theories of an island off the middle of Chile they one dude believes hold the key to Mayan culture(something about a rock carved into the jaguar.)

    What I’m saying is maybe just maybe they depict a story or the story of one these cultures uprooting and leaving behind their old life for a new life. Obviously, the faces, well now statues could be used to ward outsiders away. But, it could be so much more than just that.

    Like an Ancient world Dubai or some crap… Where the Gods and the Wealthy went and did all the stuff the peons couldn’t. Who knows.. but sign me up I would go over and dig in a heartbeat. Don’t gotta pay me anything.

    1. probably a lot… but who knows, everything is speculation…

      even all the studying and excavating.. interpreting symbols and heiroglyphs… whatever it may be it is always speculation…

      this means that or that means this. we don’t really no.. educated guesses are just as good as common guesses… you just have to have the credentials in order to be involded in a find like this.. usually, anyway… if some average joe like me started to ust randomly dig, someone would call the law..

      suprising no one though to do this before… but, the one pic of the protruding belly reminds me WAY TOO much of Mayan characteristics… Very similar in my opinion.

      The raw materials would have been hard as hell to move.. But, man anything is possible. There is definitely a story behind them and I personally believe it is something very big.

  9. Google map it…. it confirms the thing about the island off of chile…. I didn’t know Easter Island was there also…

    the island I mentioned with the jaguar carving is a different island.. I saw it on the National Geographic channel.

    1. and it makes sense… if you hug the coast coming down the southern side of central america… you’re going to be right in line with the islands…

      this has Mayan written all over it… like totally about to re-awaken everything we think we know about their culture… the didn’t just dominate the Yuctan… they controlled the globe.

      1. Where is Mayan written pug?? It is clearly the work of the Easter Bunny! Everyone knows thats where the secret hide out is!

  10. Please lets not forget that the mayan people never disappeared,they are still in the mountains and in the jungle fighting against progress, multinationals and capitalism ,wich by the way are trying to make’em disappear.long live to EZLN.

    1. yes… but the doesn’t mean they weren’t a diverse people that let’s say potentiall migrated to different areas of the globe during different seasons..

      I know their are present day mayans… But, I’m saying world… where only a few real civilizations flourished… an empire like Egypt but spanning an Ocean??? more than just the little ol’ penisula in Mexico and more than a country like Egypt…

      but some of the ancient cities in the jungles… yeah, the mayans just upped and left… where did they go?? science has been looking for that for years… and we just got a whole lot closer… I’m not backing down off this one…. every ounce of my humanity knows what this is. this is big, bigger than us present day humans can even comprehend… we are no where near the level of intelligence of our ancestors and ancient civilizations

      1. yes of course ancient people have left traces behind them on their migration throught the planet ,like the huge heads that are in mexico with a very african characteristic.on the other hand out of romanticism every empire has fallen due to several factors ,corruption of power or destruction of the environment ,no water no life,invasions of other tribes etc.I don’t deny that there were people of knowledge and it does’nt meant that there are’nt anymore ,but times change and if yesterday was the violence of the christian church who made this people to hide today is another but yet similar history.

        1. C’mon! You’re thinking of Aztecs, who largely died from small pox in the 15th century AD.

          The Maya civilization spanned the ages from the 18th century BC to 9th century AD — it was virtually gone some 500 years before Columbus even arrived in the New World!

          Please read. More.

      2. Idiot wrote: I’m not backing down off this one…. every ounce of my humanity knows what this is. this is big, bigger than us present day humans can even comprehend… we are no where near the level of intelligence of our ancestors and ancient civilizations

        Dude, I would disagree that people are dumber than the ancients in most cases. However, in your case it is a certainty.
        You confuse “feelings” with facts, speculation with theories, wishes with observations.
        The Maya culture was a city based one. Little evidence shows any serious influence beyond a few miles of each city despite the connections between the cities.
        The scientists that have really studied the Maya figured out a long time ago that the people were over taxed and over regulated to support things that didn’t benefit them. So the people just up and moved away from the cities.
        People do that. Just look around you.

      3. ya, I think they had a lot more technology than we imagine, and only their stone elements remain where there was actually a whole lot more, but they became so advanced in some areas, they actually blew everything up, and the stone stuff is all that remains. :)

  11. I am 57 Years old. I have known about these since I was in Elementary School. I am amazed that they just now discovered
    these things have bodies.

  12. I wonder if the designs identified as petroglyphs were supposed to represent tatoos? That would hint at a connection with Pacific islanders where tatoos are more customary than with South American civilizations. Actually, the broad facial features and heavy stature look rather Samoan or Maori to me.

    1. I see that aswell… but could in a way they all be descendants of each other… Mayan, Aztec, Maori, Samoan, etc….

      a common people referred to by different names in different regions…

      1. If this were the case, we would have immediately seen it as we continue the human genome project. As it were, you can consult the genetics of the inhabitants to see who’s related to who, with far more certainty than almost anything archaeologists do.

  13. than again.. what if the statues represent the different cultures of the time period… because if you really look things are different in the appearance of the faces/statues…

    long chins/shot chins… the noses are different in some cases.. the bridge is wider or thinner… the nostrils flare up or flare down…

    the belly on the 2nd to last photo is almost protruding out like it was a man of great weight… a beer belly, perhaps…

  14. Lets see even during Columbus time period how could anyone at that time be able to dig up a huge hole move these huge multiple ton statues and drop them in the hole standing straight up? Even today no can answer how so many of these huge statues could even be moved all around the island. I would like to see with todays technology and machinery if those statues could be moved without destroying them!

    1. it is a volcanic island… so the basalt and raw materials are right there in the mountain side… look at the rocky hills behind the statue in the one pic….

      the ship etched in the stone of the one picture suggests evidence of wood… because you know wood is used to make ships/boats/skip jacks/rifts/canoes/kayaks…

      maybe wooden poles under the gigantic statues similar to theories about egyptians moving the giant blocks… that’s the beauty of it man.. the unknown… that’s what is so captivating… no one knows shit about anything.. what science says or what they think is the best guess isn’t the answer… in all of we will never know…

      1. Remember, much older civilizations (like the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans) were moving (even shipping) around huge monoliths that would later become the beautiful pillars that adorn ancient temples. If you go to, for example, the Roman Forum, you might be quite surprised what they could do in the days BCE.

  15. That’s the question that needs to be answered! Who at that time period had the knowledge and power to move these huge multiple ton statues around the island. Was is someone outside of this earth or was it some sort of magic?

    1. I’m with you on that.. If anything maybe it will cause the archaeologist’s to rethink their tactics in excavating…

      I mean look how long it took for someone to finally stop and say I wonder if these heads have bodies…. An article I read said they’ve been at it for 12 years and Excavation #6 is schedule for this october-november… So that means 2000 they started and it’s now 2012…

      Just imagined all the stuff that is out there that could potentially have more to it.. I’m talking global stuff.. Like dig under Stone Henge for example… 100% guarentee there is stuff under those huge slabs of rock… maybe not chambers or something, but artifacts for damn sure…

      hidden chambers apparently found with high tech machinery are hidden under the sphinx paw in egypt.. open it up…

      a lot of it has to do with the nation it is in or the land.. and the history surrounding it… this day in age a lot of communities don’t want archaeologist’s digging because what they could find can cause major controversy… biblical excavations for example…

      the stuff is out there waiting to be found.. and in a lot of places, near and far… people don’t want us to find it.

      1. maybe not 2000.. it said 12 years of excavating.. some of the pics look old.. and it’s probably not that easy to get to(weather pending).. so the excavations could be sprung over a decade or so

      2. Stone Henge could be the top of a crown on a very, very tall statue buried below…

        1. ya, I’ve always wondered why they don’t x-ray the ground or something beneath these things

      3. ya, someone needs to create a high tech stealth team that can send little camera robots into these places around the world and use sonar mapping n stuff all without the nations knowing…

      4. e Really? Man you just spout all sorts of nonsense Jay. First of all….engineers have proven time and again that with the use of simple rollers, wedges, and huge labour forces and a lot of time, all of these ancient construction projects could be repeated today. They didn’t use high tech machines buried in the sphinx or ancient battery technology….just common sense and basic math….both of which you seem to lack an understanding of.

        Clearly these heads were carved from the KNOWN quarry which is uphill from these heads…making the transportation much easier…being that the rolled them down hill, thus not requiring the use of large animals such as elephants that the Egyptians had access to. They are most likely buried because of the massive annual rainfall amounts of the island that, no doubt, washed massive amounts of sediments down the mountain on heavy rainfall years, potentially burying up to several inches of the statues. Just think it through a little….maybe read the reports on the easter island excavation project website…they are very educational.

        If there is one constant throughout human story it is our ability to solve problems with creative solutions. Today we possess the ability to tunnel under the English channel, build 1500 foot tall buildings, level mountains and travel through outer space….kind of makes moving some big rocks seem sort of trivial….it is amazing that they accomplished what the did….but it sure as hell did not involve aliens or magic or crazy advanced technologies….just human innovation and determination

    2. It was magic. Definitely. Probably divine magic, at that. None of that “fluffy” Merlin stuff…

    3. wonder if they stitched animal skins or waxed threads and filled them with gases to make a hot air balloon and lift heavy things…

  16. Yes, there are so many mysteries that archaeologists don’t have the answer to and attribute the answer to human ingenuity! Even now with our level of knowledge, what would it take for us in man power to carve out a statue of this size and then move it to one of the present locations on the island? We would have to build heavy duty cranes and pave out roads to and from the staute location. I really don’t know if any of our present day cranes would be able to lift one of these multiple ton statues. But here you have these huge statues positioned around the island!

    1. You’re really not giving our civilization enough credit here. Go to West Virginia, where they’re removing entire mountains with big machines. Look at a huge steel girder being moved on an oversized semi – I think we have the technology to make more stone heads.

  17. You know, Kim Kardashian buys a new eyeliner and it’s front page news. Now here is something that is truly fascinating and I happened to stumble on it through a back channel… These things have enthralled and mystified people for centuries, and now to find out there is a lot more to them?! Pretty cool. Those archaeologists must be in 7th heaven.

  18. remember the guy down in Florida who made all the stone structures that amaze people the 3 ton door that you can open with one hand? I belive Ripley’s did a piece on it. He stated that he knew the secret and maybe we would all know how to do amazing works if it wasn’t for the book burners of the past, just think of how much time we wasted and the knowledge that we may never get back. Look at how fast we are destroying our planet and we call ourselfs advanced.

    1. Much has been lost due to the fact that religion destroyed what they called pagan or evil magic
      The guy that did those amazing things in Florida somehow learned one of the secrets from the past to move heavy stones mentally.

      1. research it a little more… he had a home made contraption… 3 pretty tall wooden polls crossed at the top with a black “shoe-box” sized box on the top…

        we worked alone… only at night… claimed to know the secrets of how the pyramids were built…

        pictures from the era… show the contraption with the box on top of the poles… many suggest that is the secret to it all…

        the box has never been found.

  19. Serge, basalt is not “tuff”. Those things would not have lasted 600 years had they been. Time to graduate 3rd grade.

  20. Would they have to have been moved? Couldn’t they have excavated around these really cool rocks and carved what was already there into these statues?

    1. that’s what I was thinking too Lisa – the rocks were already there. why do people think they were moved?

  21. This is another subject that “modern archaeologists” will put aside and throw a cloak on it so not to disrupt the present theories produced by the “big brains” of the field.
    When people cannot (or don’t want to) know or understand something start inventing all sort of silly fairy tales to make themselves right and others wrong.
    That’s why we have Forbidden Archaeology, where the “brains” do not venture to explore. It is too compromising and dangerous for many actual “theories”.
    We still haven’t fully came out from the dark ages.

      1. How can you say well said, you are hypocritical. A few posts down from here you are saying “save the stones leave them alone” and here you are agreeing with someone who is for the excavation of the statues. Idiot.

  22. The first picture depicts what is earliest known “tramp stamp”. Now instead of being trashy they are retro.. funny how things work out like that

    1. it’s not a ‘tramp stamp’ – that’s a g-string underware – like sumo style

  23. I’m not saying that it’s aliens but.. it’s aliens.
    – guy from the history channels’ Acient Aliens

  24. How dare they disturb them. Savages they are.

    We have become a civilization of destruction.

    They were peaceful with themseves as they were. They were beautiful as they were. Why rape them ? They represented the Heritage of a civilization which wanted them there.
    The Island inhabitants, regarless from where we assume, would be coming from, put them there to represent something perhaps spiritual they believed in, then… Perhaps for protection or any reason which was not meant for us to decide. Why disrespect them?
    Do you believe they ignored that nature would forge them the way nature has forged itself for millions of years? Look at the bottom of there heads, how flat it is for them to meet her or her to meet them.

    For our pure selfishness, we are killing Mother Nature,the one who has and continues to give us life…and then wander why… Do we think we are smarter that her ? Many species are disappearing from our own hands and ignorance, and we cry… then we decide we should “protect” them and bring them back. Do we have this right ? What hypocrisy, what ugliness.

    Leave these monuments alone. They have been resting there for a long long time. Don’t disrobe them. Don’t humiliate them.

    Please, live them alone.

    Sadly, we have become barbarians again.

    Science is design to create, to better Man’s life, preserve the very nature who kept us alive for thousands of by his pure

    1. I don’t think the heads are a symbol of nature. Just think of all the native species of plants and animals, evolving on the rock for millions of years, that were driven to extinction when humans came to the island. Yes, humans destroy nature, but we’ve been doing it for thousands and thousands of years. No human civilization is free from these practices – some are just more numerous, and so their effect is more pronounced.

    2. Wouldn’t the original culture that removed the rock from the earth to form gigantic statues also be considered a barbarian???

      They raped the land just as much to build the stuff as we do to discover it.

      Natural things didn’t make these rocks… So the raw materials had to have been mined out in some fashion… that = earth destruction…

      1. My point is that mining the rocks likely didn’t lead to any species going extinct. But coming to the island and living there probably did. Similarly, the major damage we do to the earth’s species right now is through habitat destruction so that we can eat. Not even the most destructive, despicable mining operation is half as bad as what humans do to fill our belly.

          1. And by the way Jay, I would not venture into calling the statues “the stuff” if I were you but again this just might be a cultural difference between us…

    3. also chances are the only reason they are covered is because the Island they are located on has 3 volcanoes…

      so years of eruptions(of any size) will contribute to the changing of landscape.. therefore, possibly burying the statues up to the neck…

      for the longest time we thoughts the heads were being represented as just that… heads… but, now it is found that the original proposed purpose of what we thought knew is possibly completely different.

      I’m all for excavating… because it’s real history… something the government can’t edit in the textbooks of children.

      1. Have you ever seen a lava field? In person? It doesn’t look like dirt, I can tell you that.

        These statues were clearly buried with dirt — eroded stone. NOT lava.


    1. I hate to ask but do you know the meaning of the word excavate? Do you understand this is a scientific endeavor where measures are taken to protect and preserve? Do you understand the meaning of the rape? too many today use that word lightly and I believe someone who has been raped whould be very upset to see you use the term to describe the act of digging up some dirt and putting it back. We will ask one more question and wonder if you know the meaning of the word barbarian. I doubt those working on this project would love to be lumped together with blood thirsty, beserker nomads.

    1. I apologize for my earlier comments.. I was up all night and just amazed by this article.

      I really know how to spell.


  26. I didn’t read all of the comments, but didn’t anyone else think “holy crap, that is so cool!”

  27. Obviously, some of you have misanderstood my previous post and take some words and thoughts in a too literal and simplistic manner. You must try to understand the meaning of the overall post not piece by piece or you will loose the context. This is also why some of you have negatively responded to it.
    Leave the stones where they are and the way they are. They represent something.. We seem to believe that we need to know everything about anything. We won’t.
    Some of you also seem to have confounded my comments about nature and the integration of the stone into the ground they are in, the same way a volcano eruption burries villages.I was not talking about evolution. The earth is constantly changing, nature is evolving unfortunately unnaturaly and not always is the right direction. We have had much to do with that. This last century, Man has been very successful at distroying nature and the earth in general. Do you deny that? Polar bears are loosing the inhabitat, Albatros are being killed and the list goes on. We are responsible for it, it is NOT natural evolution and the natural elimination from evolution. Yes we are still barbarians we just don’t want to face it.
    If you think it is so great to will it be Stonehedge next and sanctuaries etc etc..
    Well… may be the stones meant something to people then BUT not only to them. Perhaps they mean something for people very alive NOW. Perhaps it is an insult to them, perhaps it violates their beliefs. Why can’t you understand that and respect them!


    A very alive Celt……

    1. NO, I get it and understand your point. Unfortunately, you just come across as ignorant and scientifically illiterate. We can only advance as a culture by learning as much as we can from our past and do so in a manner that preserves these things for future generations to enjoy and speculate about. I do not deny our ability to destroy this earth with the blink of an eye but I also recognize if we don’t learn and expand our knowledge we will succumb to errors and follies of closed minded people who stand and scream “leave the stones alone”. I hope everything is spelled right.

      1. By the by Celt, if you do a little research you will find the people of the island are on board with this. They aren’t just running around desecrating culturally important things.

      2. Dear Dick Riffick The Great:
        Yes I am an ignorant and scientifically illiterate. Perhaps I should also apologize to you for expressing my thoughts and opinions. I did not realize I was having an exchange with God’s gift to Earth,it’s ultimate words and know-all.
        Dear HoRiffick The Great.I am humbled. The magnitude of your intelligence, your modesty,aptitude to talk to ignorants like me with such respect and kind words are the caracteristics of a Scientific Genius.
        I beg of you to grant me your pardon.

        1. I never asked for you to apologize for your thoughts and opinions. It is your ability to open your mouth and express them that allows others to see a different view and be able to say it is absurd for the following reasons, just like others have done here with the comments you have made. I would like to actually thank you. By continuing to rant you have proven the that truly inept people can’t look beyong their own noses.

          1. OMG Do you really think I was apologizing to you… :)))))

            In reference to your quote “I never asked for you to apologize for your thoughts and opinions. It is your ability to open your mouth and express them….”

            That’s right. I have the ability to open my mouth and express my thoughts and opinions. I was under this understanding:

            “The most basic component of freedom of expression is the right of freedom of speech. The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without interference or constraint by the government.”

            But you indeed seem to have a serious problem with allowing others (like me for example) to have a different view and respect what they believe in.

            In addition, I think perhaps you are not quite fit to make youself pass for some sort of scientific expert…. True scientists are always open-minded and value others views, opinions and beliefs, whether they agree or not with them. This is how they can enlarge the spectrum of their mind and research and allow them to move forward. They appreciate the perspectives of others and as a matter of fact they actually seek them. They never see the need to insult them for seeing a subject matter from another angle for ex:calling them ignorants or scientifically illiterate or inept etc etc True scientists are much bigger than that….. “Know-it-all” do not belong in the field of Science. Generally speaking, a”know-it-all” clearly shows the sign of a very narrow minded person and his lack of intelligence. A true Scientist would try to figure out why and how another person came from then study it.

            When you quoted “By continuing to rant you have proven that truly inept people can’t look beyong their own noses” Were you talking about yourself …. ????

            Perhaps you can go around the corner to your local precinct and apply for a job as a Sarg… you will be able to always be right there….only listen to yourself talk and really feel big !!

            Have a good day..I am getting off this message board now I have other things to do…so feel free to have your pompous last word. LOL LOL LOL (then get off the cactus you are sitting on and go chill your pricky a..s)

            1. I knew you weren;t really apologizing to me, it’s just that you are really bad at sarcasm. It’s okay you said the things you did. it is tough for someone who doesn’t understand or is afraid to fall back on childish behavior, cactus references and emoticons. I have really learned a lot from some of the other people who have posted here and read a lot of imformative links posted here. It’s just that you didn’t provide anything constructive or enlightening to the discussion and that is frustrating.

              1. Sorry, I’m busy doing some things and poorly phrased my last post. What I meant to say was…It’s okay you said the things you did. Sometimes when people don’t understand or are afraid they fall back on childish behavior, cactus references and emoticons. I’ve been reading a lot about the amygdalae.

            2. “The most basic component of freedom of expression is the right of freedom of speech. The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without interference or constraint by the government.”
              You realize Dick Riffick the Great and “the government” are two different things right?

    2. yeah the point you are making is very different…

      the destruction of species and the discovery/excavation of stone objects don’t really have anything to do with each other…

      so you are telling me that part of the reason the Bald Eagle is endangered is because we undercovered some ancient artifact in the ground…

      No…. Species destruction and nature destruction happen when careless measures are put into place… for example, pesticide killing off bird populations…

      uncovering the statues beneath these heads isn’t damaging anything on the ecological level..

        1. If it did something on a spiritual level I have a feeling the native people of the island would not be on board with it. Thanks for trying though.

    3. I agree with you Celt to some degree. I have never been to Easter Island, but I have always been fascinated with the mysterious status and have it in my bucket list as a must place to visit. When I heard about the excavation and the recent findings, I was both excited and enthralled! However looking at the excavation photos, I couldn’t help but feel sadness for these captivating monuments; to me, for centuries they have captivated the world with their mysteries and in all the photos taken of them they look proud, strong and daring, a beauty of the past long gone. Now looking at the excavation photos, they look naked and vulnerable:( Don’t get me wrong, I am all for truth and knowledge, but I think in order to respect the past, we sometimes need to respect it’s mysteries.

      1. Thank you MJ for sharing your thoughts. You have the sound of a profound person. Your comments also show that you have the wisdom and ability to appreciate beauty as is and respect the past.

    4. Every living thing on this planet has an internal imperative to produce, replicate, expand — and in that process, usually destroy as well. It is only because everything else is try to “biggering” themselves that things stay in check — they reach an equilibrium of sorts.

      Then the disruptors come along. An ice age. An ELE like the meteor in Central America 65 million years ago. A pole shift. Etc.

      It takes time to rebalance. However, Man is probably one of the greatest and most constant disruptors, be cause we are insatiable in our actions on this built-in imperative.

      One way in which we express it is to learn more. About as much as we can. Sometimes it is to take advantage of something or someone else. Sometimes it is just to feel superior.

      But one thing that has been happening during the technological revolution is that we have been getting better at learning about things without destroying them.

      We can use imaging to learn about internal structures of plants and animals without dissecting them (and killing them in the process).

      We have also been able to image fragile artifacts and remains of living things without ever opening their containers or removing the encasing rock.

      Now, this wasn’t done here because of the size and location of the statues. Most of this high-tech imaging requires a lab.

      But someday archeologists will be able to explore the depths and keep them intact.

      Just be patient and don’t overact to the stumbles along the way….

      1. Bastion, thank you for participating in the conversation. I agree with your point of view.

        I believe that archeologists have brought us great sources of knowledge and that their work is indeed very valuable to Man.

        What I argue about is how far they allow themselves to go in the name of science. It seems that there are no longer boundaries. It saddens me. In our quest for knowledge we have open many doors which should have been kept closed and protected, we gave way to many of Man’s demons.
        Like you, I hope that someday, archeologists will be able to make further discoveries with the help of advanced technology, imaging and other non invasive methods.
        Meanwhile, I hope that the frenzy will stop, that the art of discovery in its purest form will not be soiled by vulgar curiosity.
        I hope that Man will keep enough wisdom to not feel the need to frantically intrude or invade everything at reach without concerns.

        From personal experience,I have a special and spiritual connection with ancient stones.I was born close to them, on their land… on our land….
        It is why I have so strong feelings and opinions on what is happening to the stone statues of Easter Island.
        As hard as it is to describe, when standing near a megalithic stone, a dolmen, my mind and body fill with peace. In warmer days, the sun rays passing in between them,full of energy are empowering.
        I feel the majestuous stones making me become part of them.

        The thought of one of them being disturbed is so frightening it shakes me to the core.

        The sight of the stone heads being separated from the ground they proudly and peaceful rested on is heart breaking. The intrusion and revealing of their covered bodies make me so notious. There is no word strong enough to describe.
        All the people standing around and worse inside the hole with the statues with their cameras, posing like hunters after the kill, disgust me like vermine. At least they could have the decency of publishing photos of the statues alone.
        This is not science, it is lack of conscience

    5. if it means something to someone now, wouldn’t they be standing there and saying ‘stop sniffing around my statue – it’s mine and you are bothering me’

  28. The people of Rapanui (Easter Island) are of Polynesion descent and their language is closely related to the Maori of New Zealand and the Cook Islands (Raratonga). Their facial features are more Maori than Mayan.

    1. I agree… and the glyphs look a whole lot like early body art (as someone else on this string suggested) Very interesting they are just being dug up after all these years…I always wondered if they had bodies…

      1. Yeah I agree.. maybe I was a little off on my earlier comment… but, maybe the ideals/cultures/the-know-how-to-build-giant-statues…

        maybe it is all passed through the different cultures… from beginning to the present…

        I was looking at google earth… and I’m not to familiar with the time period in question… but, you gotta stop and think that the land masses of then, aren’t what they are today…

        so it is very, very plausible in my opinion that these cultures: Maori, Mayan, Raratonga interacted and possibly shared and traded items, ideas, mythologies, methods, culture, tradition, breeding….

        I mean look at it… A curious adventurer from the Yucatan penisula heads south along the border of Central America… eventually, the come to present-day Chile… where Easter Island and another island(with purposed Mayan lore) are pretty much straight shot from it’s coast into the pacific…

        New Zealand is on the same path aswell… I strongly believe something was passed along through the different cultures or societies of the times… and possibly the people could be similar in relation and/or origin… yeah, there is DNA testing… but, scientist’s still don’t even know 10% of the stuff that DNA can tell them.

        through an open ocean the distance from the coast of chile is closer than the island of New Zealand… anything is possible.. that’s what so great…

        but regardless, I still believe there are Mayan ties into this. and those ties could go even further… meaning an even greater ancient people taught the mayans what they know… who knows… I’m so damned enthralled by this.

  29. Perhaps the statues represented those who left Easter Island to travel on to eg New Zealand, and were planted deeply in the earth to make sure they (or their progeny) returned home safely.

  30. All the faces are different, and the bodies too…I think they represent individuals in a tribe as tribute, or individual families, or induvidual protectors of the tribe; like the terra cotta warriors of China. These pay homage to something… or are a totem to ancestors… very interesting.

    1. Yes Rick, they pay homage to something.. or are a totem to ancestors. Let’s dig them out…..This must be for what ancestors placed them for. Let’s dig them all out.This is how we will pay homage to them….

      1. it’s not like they’re lifting them from the earth… they are removing the EARTH AROUND IT SO IT CAN BE FULLY EXPOSED…

        Seriously, A CELT??? Have you stopped and thought about anything you have argued???

        Because the points you are trying to make are so f**king hypocritical that nothing you say makes sense…

        It would be a disservice to the inhabitants of Easter Island if the statues didn’t get fully revealed.. THEY CAN FINALLY LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR PAST!!!

        1. And how hypocritical is that Jay ?

          I am so glad you can speak for them.

          A Celt, yes, somewhat, unfortunately, I can only trace my family back to the 13th century.

          1. ah yes… you finally posted a comment without a spelling error….

            chances are your family doesn’t have gigantic heads located all around their homeland…

            you don’t know anymore than any one else…

            but I know and everyone else knows… there is no raping of nature or land going on… they are simply excavating thing to the meticulous level…

            it’s not just some punk off the streets with a shovel… it’s an organized, proper channel event, that almost certainly needed the approval of the Easter Island inhabitants to begin with…

            once again…. digs and discoverys come down to where it is located… the people on that location give the word to dig or not to dig…

            it’s very evident that they have the authority to do what they are doing with these excavations… that means someone is allowing them to do it…

            that don’t mean people won’t be against it… but, the shit you are arguing about raping land and ruining shit… nah… that’s not happening..

  31. WOW, no one gives US-humans anough credit. we have bilt these things, we do bild huge things. it takes longer now & cost mucho $. back then some haed hoosy madincker just said bild it or the gods will be angry, so you find a way to bild it! not for money or fame but for your gods and for protection, for healthy crops and for strong offspring. where theres a wiil theres a way.

  32. Peter, please let us know when you’re running for President. You have my vote. Renee, Please learn to spell and compose a complete, coherent sentence. Seriously when I saw the bodies, I was completely stunned, I wasn’t expecting that at all.

    1. Thanks Ramona, it blows my mind when people cannot form a senence.

  33. I’m pretty sure that the statues each represent a different leader/king, the first big assumption that people make and forget is that even though they were in a similar time period, it doesn’t mean that each statue is the exact same age…

    I am fascinated to hear more about it, i’m half chilean and i went to school there and learned a lot about rappa nui when i was there, and hopefully a lot of people get their sources as direct as possible before regurgitating things that are interpreted as “facts” when they are only speculative in nature.

  34. It makes me wonder if future civilizations will even know our generations existed..seems like every thing made these days is about “the bottom line” ($$$) and falls apart. except for our huge amounts of waste…

  35. Is it just me or did someone finally decide to dig around the heads and discover they were more than just heads?

  36. That carving of the sailing ship looks like vastly inferior artistry compared to the rest. I’d guess it’s not original, more like graffiti that was applied well after inception.

  37. I remember reading stories as a kid about how the statues would come out of the ground every Christmas Eve to go to the ocean and bathe. There was supposedly treasure under the statues, and while you were climbing down to get it, the statues would come back and crush you. People laughed at the superstitious natives, until one Archeologist dug a little and discovered the bodies. That was back in the ’70s, so why is a surprise now?

  38. I was just thinking about a possible reason how the heads could have been buried.
    Considering the amount of earthquakes in the general area of the south Pacific Ocean, could a tsunami possibly have buried them? It would also explain why some are fallen.

  39. A statue of the local ‘king’? My theory is that the statues were depictions of deceased leaders. Perhaps the excavators will find evidence of human remains nearby?


  41. And have any of you ever read Thor Hyerdal?

    Or about the local crew of natives that he paid to put up another head? The text said that a couple of locals quarried a head, transported it and set it up.

    If a few guys could do that for beer money, imagine what a society that was unified in purpose (be it social or religious it makes no difference) could do. And if you wonder then consider:

    The obilisk the British stole from the Romans, that the Romans stole from the Egyptians, that the Egyptions quarried and then transported 130 miles from the quarry to the erection site, has been moved and set up at least 3 times that we know of. That oblisk is slightly heavier than one of the easter island heads.

    Do you believe in: Aliens? Lost technologies? Magic?

    If so than you are at odds with observations.

    Remember: Anything that is at odds with observation is wrong.

  42. Jay, I really think if you want possibilities for answers you could try reading the Earth Chronicles series written by Zecharia Sitchin. He (along with others) has a theory about the beginning of human life, and backs it up with archeological evidence and is also able to tie it in with the bible. I’m not sure I’m definitely sold on the theory, but is certainly a very interesting concept if his archeological evidence and his translations from ancient artifacts are correct…

    1. Okay people….listen up….there is a scientific explaination to everything!! Just because we don’t understand it yet, doesn’t mean we won’t understand it in the future. We all thought the world was flat until proven otherwise by science…we thought we only existed for a few thousand years(thanks to the bible)until we discovered carbon dating. And made some key discoveries. We have come so far from the blind ignorance of our ancestors….let’s not dumb up our civilization by falling into the same mindset of “I don’t understand how they did it so it must be magic/aliens/god etc.”. The only rational thing to do is investigate, discuss, and hypothesize until we understand…and yes, this may involve disturbing ancient sites, but the knowledge and insight we gain from these endeavors helps us to grow as a cvilization through understanding better the ways of the past….if we don’t try to learn from the past, we will be cursed to relive our ancient ancestors mistakes. Don’t look to the past as an unsolvable mystic secret….instead think of it as a riddle who’s answer will further our knowledge…wild speculation and conjecture is what leads to witch burnings, human sacrifice and bloody crusades in the name of unsubstantiated conjecture

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