This site serves as an “FAQ” of sorts, keeping notes for myself on how I fixed certain problems, and to hopefully help others.  Also it is a place where I can post interesting things I might come upon.

My father, Lynn Norman Patterson, has recently passed away.  Please visit his obituary page to leave any stories you might have about him:  https://pattersonlynn.wordpress.com/

He was a great man, and accomplished more things than I ever will.  He spent many years in university, obtained a BPE in Physical Education and a BSc in Physics from McMaster, as well as a Master’s in Educational Administration and Curriculum from Gonzaga.  He taught math, physics, and physical education at Preston, was a town councilor in Grand Centre (now Cold Lake), Alberta, was a school board trustee for 19 years in the Edmonton area.  Lynn served in the Canadian military for 25 years as a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force and primarily flew the F-5 fighter aircraft, as well as trained many other pilots as a flight instructor in the military.  Lynn won many awards in his career in the military, sports teams he has been on, and teams he has coached.  He was a minor hockey coach for many years. In addition, he attended every single one of his children’s countless hockey games, track meets, figure skating competitions, basketball tournaments, tennis matches, debate competitions, award ceremonies, concerts, graduations – literally all of them.  How many fathers do you know that have done that?  I don’t know any others.

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