Switching between HTML and Visual editor in WordPress, without messing up your custom HTML code

Preserved HTML Editor Markup is your solution, it is a plugin that preserves your custom HTML code.  By default WordPress’s TinyMCE will often mess up special HTML tags you use when you switch to the Visual editor even just for a second.  Preserved HTML Editor Markup stops this from happening.  It is particularly useful for people who like to embed snippets of highlighted programming code in their blog posts because this requires special HTML tags. I’ve tested it with Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress and it works wonderfully.

In WordPress, can’t drag and drop menu items to reorder them? Here’s a solution.

In WordPress if you ever find that when you are trying to change the order of the items in your WordPress menus, try installing and activating the plugin called “Use Google Libraries”.  Most likely there is a Javascript problem with the standard java libraries, and using the Google Libraries will likely fix this incompatability.  It works for me. Leave a comment and let me know if this works for you!