How to sort photos by date taken within a Facebook photo album afterwards (2018)

In a Facebook photo album, you may have uploaded photos non-chronologically.  To sort the photos by date-taken afterwards, here are the steps:

  1. Go to your profile.  Click Photos and then Albums to go to your photo albums.

  2. Click the album you want to edit.  Then there is a little gear icon to the upper right corner of the album, click it.

  3. From the gear icon select “Change Ordering”:

  4. Select the option “Order by when the photos were taken”

  5. Done.  Now all the photos should be sorted chronologically based on the date and time the photos or videos were taken. The date and time information is usually stored in the EXIF data within the JPEG files and Facebook keeps this information so it is able to sort the photos in this way.

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