Corrupt Canadian Banking System, explained by a 12 year old girl

A 12 year old girl explains how all Canadians are enslaved to the Canadian banking system.  Or rather, that the Canadian government is corrupt in that it has given so much power to the monopoly – the banks – which use their power for no good.  Worth a watch.

3 thoughts on “Corrupt Canadian Banking System, explained by a 12 year old girl”

  1. Well said! Apart from McGeer in the 1930’s you could also have quoted Paul Hellyer, (Cabinet minister under Trudeau) still alive and over 90 (look for his small booklets). Also USA lawyer Ellen Brown who recently wrote an essay on the Cdn banking system and espouses public banking.(Google her)
    I hope your message goes viral. I will do my bit to help achieve that.
    Watch out for hovering black helicopters (joke!)

  2. Some of hat she says is correct; the banking system colludes (at profit) with the state in the creating of money. But her presumption that fiat currency created more directly by the state would be more “real” is wishful thinking, and partial reserve banking does not sustain general increases in the money supply (and hence in prices) without an increase in the monetary base.

    The genuine solution would not be in completely nationalizing the generation of money, but in completely denationalizing it, eliminating legal tender laws, and thus requiring the issuers to compete.

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