How to contact an ebay seller who does not allow contact.

can't contact an ebay seller

Often an ebay seller can block you from sending messages, and you can’t contact the ebay seller.  You get a message that says “We’re sorry we couldn’t find an answer for you. Unfortunately, this seller is not able to respond to your question. We suggest reviewing the item again to see if your answer is in the seller’s listing.”

There are various reasons for this, but I found an easy workaround.

 Just follow these steps below to contact an ebay seller that doesn’t allow you to ask questions.  It’s important to do the below steps in order, shortcuts don’t work:

  1. In the ebay add, on the right side of the screen under “Seller info”, click the seller’s nickname.  It will bring you to his “My World” page.
  2. On his my world page, click on the number right next to his nickname on the header line (beside the star icon).  This number is his number of past transactions.
  3. His Feedback profile comes up.  On the right under Member quick links, click “Contact member”.
  4. A page entitled “Find answers from…” comes up.  Do not use the pull-down menu.  Instead, click the checkbox underneath “This is not about an item”.
  5. You can now type your question!!  Be sure to be specific about what item you are talking about when you send the message.

You’re welcome :)


21 Comments on "How to contact an ebay seller who does not allow contact."

  1. Well, I really appreciate the info!
    YET… I’ve just tried it, and it doesn’t seem to work as it should:
    When I go to the “contace member” page in “My world”, I don’t see the “This is not about an item” option, and instead the seller’s last item I’ve looked at appears under the “Find answers from…” line.

    Now, fortunately I was able to find a solution for this,
    and here is what I’ve done to make it work for me:
    When you’ve got to the point I’ve described above, you need to
    look at the URL on the top of your browser’s page, in one portion of the URL you will see a section that looks something like this: “&iid=************” (the *’s are the number of the seller’s last item you’ve looked at).
    What you need to do, is to delete this portion (exactly as I’ve marked, everything between the quotations including the number) and just hit enter.
    In my case, it brought me to the proper “Find answers from…” page, with the “This is not about an item” option below.

    Good luck, I hope this works for you.

  2. Impécable, ça a fonctionné du premier coup.
    Un grand merci de FRANCE.

    A Hight thanks od France

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  4. For those who still dont get it.
    #1 Click the item you want to buy.
    #2 Click Sellers Name
    #3 Click Contact Member
    #4 Remove &iid=1234567890 from browser address bar and press ENTER.
    NOTE: 1234567890 is item number and it will be different for you.
    #5While address bar is still selected, press ENTER on your keyboard to go to “Find answers from”
    #6 Check the box with “This is not about an item” and click Continue.

  5. Thanks – your trick worked for me as well ! – not sure I trust an eBay seller that rejects direct communication from a perfect ebay buyer such as myself (100% score with 230+ items)….

  6. Hi all, I tried this method but it failed as it said ‘This message cannot be sent at this time’. Can anyone help? I am desperately looking for this item that the seller is selling but I wanna check for its authenticity as the seller did not state it.

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  8. Add them to your sellers you follow and contact them that way.I have done it and had no problems.

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